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    For the most recent Fall 2021 leasing season, we have seen great success at The Gates in both categories. The majority of our leases will almost always be renewals, but if we can’t capture the attention of new prospects then we will never have a fully leased property. Due to the new marketing tools and strategies, we have been using for The Gates we have been able to fill faster than ever before. We filled to 100% for the Fall 2021 semester, which started September 10th, in the first week of June 2021. Just over 50% of our leases were new prospects and I attribute a lot of that success to the marketing strategy we have employed.

    Nathanael RowdenCommunity Manager, The Gates At Rexburg

    This last leasing season 2020-2021, Village on the Parkway in Orem, UT experienced it's most successful leasing season. The market that it operates in has recently had an influx of 2000 beds delivered. Village on the Parkway, which is a low market leader, began utilizing an SEO and PPC campaign. Not only did this help us achieve our goal of reaching 100% pre-leased, which has never occurred before, but we also did so a month prior to school beginning. I relate the success of the property to the marketing campaigns that were initiated.

    Ellie HansenRegional Manager, Village on the Parkway