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Our group is an eclectic bunch of hooligans who are pretty much only good at marketing and wasting time. Need us to sit quietly? No can do. Need us to plan and execute the best marketing strategies on this side of the Mississippi? Now that’s more our speed.

Parker Giles

Director of Operations and Marketing Strategy

Parker has always loved strategy games: Risk, Chess, and Dota 2 and he views marketing like a strategy game. We’re given the rules of the game, (budget, goals, algorithms) and we play the best hand we can. Parker has a B.S. in Marketing Management, and six years of experience running digital marketing strategies. He is Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Hubspot Marketing and Sales Certified.

Adrienne Wilcox

Social Media Manager

Adrienne is great with a camera and even greater with Adobe Lightroom. She owned a beloved pair of Birkenstocks for years until she left them in Southern Utah. Adrienne is still mourning her Birkenstocks. Her favorite thing about marketing is using creativity through social media to make $$$.

Parker Brown

Business Developer

Hailing from the land of property management, Parker #2 brings charisma and excellent customer service skills to the team. If you’re looking for a friendly listening ear, or just need help with your marketing, reach out to Parker!

Alana Hall

PPC/SEO Specialist

Alana likes hiking way too much. She dreams of one day hiking Machu Pichu, which is actually very cool. Alana has 1+ years of experience in SEO and PPC and is proficient with Google Analytics and Ads. She’s excellent at everything she does, and we’re big Alana fans here at Group8.

Kacy Woodward


Kacy finds adapting the basic principles of marketing to each client to be complex yet interesting and loves the creativity it allows. In his spare time you cand find him attending competitive gaming events. Kacy has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from BYU and is certified in Google Ads Search and Display, Google Shopping, Google Video, and Google Analytics. He’s basically best friends with Google.

Rachel Rowley

Content Marketing Specialist

Rachel wrote the content on this website so you can blame her if you don’t like it. One of the most beautiful places she has traveled to is the Mayan city of Tulum, Mexico. Rachel has a wide experience in writing, social media, and ad management. If you’re looking for blog posts, ad copy, or anything “wordsmithed” (it’s a word) she’s your gal!

Brynlee Cowley

Social Media Specialist

Brynlee loves consumer psychology and metrics (perhaps an oddly niche interest, but she fits into Group8 wonderfully). She recently graduated from Utah State University with a major in Economics and a minor in Psychology, and was known as “Brynstagram” among friends for her excessive thrifting posts on her stories.

Trey Julian

Marketing Specialist

Trey, the self-proclaimed most handsome of the group, loves how marketing is the perfect mix of psychology, business, and design and is currently an advertising student at BYU. There will never come a day when Trey does not suggest Cafe Rio for lunch. Trey dreams of owning a bison ranch; if you are a bison rancher, hit him up.

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